The UFO Pack - Freeze Dried Candy with Nine Different Treats

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INVASION ALERT: The UFO Pack now available with NINE different delectable freeze dried treats. We spent almost a year developing this masterpiece and perfecting each recipe.

Included are: Cosmo Cubes, Alien Tongues, Space Sharks, Lemon Stars, Cosmic Crunchies, Sour Cosmic Crunchies, Moon Clouds, Honey Beams, and Caramel Apple Pops, shipped inside 2 boxes for extra protection during teleport. 

Thanks for your support, your purchase means the UNIVERSE to us and helps us to employ lots of good people locally.

Allergy Warning: the Honey Beams contain almonds and may contain trace amounts of other tree nuts.

Other Warning: this candy is dangerously addictive... Purchase at your own risk.

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