4 Pack Variety Pack Freeze Dried Candy - Cosmic Crunchies, Airheads, Hi Chews and Cosmo Cubes

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  • Some Things Are Better Crunchy: This is the ultimate sample pack, containing freeze dried Cosmic Crunchies, Alien Tongues, Moon Clouds, and freeze dried Cosmo Cubes. Our freeze dried candy is out of this world (literally). Warning: you may find that our dry freeze candy is addictively tasty.
  • Small Batches = Better Candy: Our freeze dried dessert candy is processed differently than the other freeze dried candies out there. We work in extremely small batches of freezed dried candy to ensure the highest quality and crunch. You'll notice that our candy freeze dried is lighter and crunchier than other frozen dried candy. That's because we don't overcrowd our machines.
  • Shipped in Boxes to Avoid Damage: Our freeze dry candy is very fragile! Each order of freeze dried candy is shipped in a reinforced box to lessen the risk of damage during teleport to your galaxy. We do everything we can so you can enjoy your dried freeze candy cool candy.
  • Try Our Whole Selection: Make sure to try out our freeze dried cosmo cubes, freeze dried peach rings, freeze dried cosmic crunchies candy, freeze dried caramel apple lollipops and more. You'll get the biggest bang for your buck with our signature UFO Variety Pack!
  • From Our Small Business to You: We love making freeze dried candies and we wouldn't be here without you!! Thank you for your purchase of freeze dried snacks asmr candy, you're helping to support a local business that employs locally.

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